Eliana Cargnelutti (I)




Eliana Cargnelutti Band

is the project of Eliana Cargnelutti, a guitar player/singer from Italy. Eliana is the new hope of Italian rock blues. A strong singer and a crafty guitarist, Eliana is one of the rare real front women of the Italian scene.

Eliana plays a flavour of rock blues with a bit of everything in between: electric funk, mixed with pop and jazzy instrumentals, raw rock, tight blues grooves, illuminated by her skills as an electric guitarist. Her sets truly have something for everyone. Eliana is well known in the Italian blues scene thanks to her infectious persona.

Eliana has played with various Italian blues artists like Enrico Crivellaro, Rudy Rotta, Tolo Marton, W.I.N.D., Otis Grand, John Craig (guitarist of Ike & Tina Turner), Peter Stroud (guitarist of Sheryl Crow), Charlie Musselwhite, Jamie Little (drummer of Uli Jon Roth and Boyzone) and the Joe Pitts Band, with whom she played in various Italian and American festivals. She also recorded a CD with them, in Arkansas, USA (2009). She has collaborated with the progressive rock/klezmer group Passover from Trieste for a tour in Tokyo, Japan (2010) for a tour and a live album in the United States, Boston (2012).

She did her part in the international Tour with the Blues Caravan project “Girls With Guitars” of Ruf Record label for all the 2015. Eliana was the winner of the Blues Contest in Pordenone, Italy, in 2010, she won the blues award as the “best new young artist” at “Oscar del Blues” in Modena, Italy. She was named one of the five “best female guitarists” in the rock blues scene at the American “Jimi Awards” in 2015 and she was nominated the 5th best female guitar player of the rock blues world by Blues E-news magazine.

Her first Cd “Love Affairs” went out the 12th November 2013 for VideoRadio Label. Her second Cd “Electric Woman” went out in January 2015 for Ruf Record Label. She also recorded the Cd “Girls with guitars “ in 2015, for Ruf Records Label.

Her band, features known musicians from the Italian blues scene: Simone Serafini, Loris De Checchi and Carmine Bloisi from Padua. The melting of their personalities gives life to the subtles of musical nuances.

Simone Serafini, bass player and composer, he playes with famous musicians of the European jazz and blues scene (Francesco Bearzatti, Enrico Crivellaro, Daniele D’Agaro, Brian Templeton, Fabrizio Bosso, Franco Cerri, Maurizio Gianmarco, Giovanni Maier, Raphael Wressnig, Tino Gonzales, Tinkara, Dario Carnovale, ecc…) he performed at different festivals all around the world, he teaches bass and double bass at conservatoire of Udine, he recorded more than sixty Cds.

Loris de Checchi, already known as Nick Beccattini’s organ player, is a side-musician of various Italian authors, he played at the famous Pistoia Blues Festival in 2003 and he gives a great contribution to Albert King’s tribute Cd in 2005. He played with Tino Gonzales, Cheryl Porter, Vincent Williams, L.A. Jones…

Carmine Bloisi, historical drummer of the famous European bluesman Rudy Rotta, he played with lots of very known musicians of the blues and jazz scene: Brian Auger, Peter Green, Mike Stern, Robben Ford, John Mayall, John Mooney, Ana Popovìc, Sugar Blue, Enrico Crivellaro, Darryl Jones, Richard Cousins,Young, Eugenio Finardi… He performed at different festivals: Montreaux Jazz Festival, Rapperswill Musik Festival, Roma Festival, Sanremo Blues, Pistoia Blues, Narcao Blues, Ameno Blues Festival, BBC Birmingham…